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Geographic Markets

Nadro Marine operates a fleet of tugs and barges servicing Canadian and American ports. Our fleet is capable of providing marine transportation, as well as marine construction throughout the Great Lakes, and St. Lawrence Seaway. We venture to ports high in the Canadian Arctic as well as the Eastern Seaboard of Canada.

We can call to all the ports listed on the map below from Lake Ontario, Lake Erie, Lake Huron, Lake Michigan to Lake Superior. Our home port is strategically located in Port Dover, Ontario, Canada allowing us to easily mobilize our tugs and barges to meet our customers requirements.

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We are hiring!

We are actively recruiting new crew members to assist in making our customers a success. A career with Nadro Marine is exciting, versatile, never boring and offers an ever-changing work environment. If this is what you are looking for in a job, then Nadro Marine is a perfect fit for you!