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Marine Construction

Nadro Marine Services specializes in marine construction throughout the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence Seaway. With our diverse fleet and strong relationships in the marine industry, Nadro Marine is a leader in its field. A project is never too big for Nadro Marine, with our knowledge and experience; we can meet your exact needs and provide a full turn-key solution to all your marine construction requirements.

Nadro Marine provided special project support for the Wolfe Island Project, which was one of our largest projects to date. The project facilitated the transportation of 86, 2.3 MW wind turbines dispersed over the western portion of Wolfe Island near Kingston. The wind farm project generates approximately 594 GWh of renewable power annually. Costing an estimated $475 million dollars; it is one of the largest renewable energy projects in Canada.

Our diverse fleet of tugs and barges are available to service short and long-term marine construction projects and are available for chartering. The Nadro fleet  consists of Jack-Up barges and flat deck barges. Through our parent company, we have access to provide large transportation barges for aggregates.

The key to our success has been our attention to detail at the onset of all projects. Our skilled support and sailing crew at Nadro Marine understand and respects the importance of being on time and on budget for our valued customers.

Nadro Marine Services is also highly capable in providing towing, ice breaking and project services.

We are hiring!

We are actively recruiting new crew members to assist in making our customers a success. A career with Nadro Marine is exciting, versatile, never boring and offers an ever-changing work environment. If this is what you are looking for in a job, then Nadro Marine is a perfect fit for you!